A Focus on Gratitude

I have so much to be grateful for. Yesterday I got in a good run. Tomorrow I get to step up to the next level of my meditation.  I am grateful that I got to have lunch with Amber and help her get her car. She had a recall, and got everything fixed for free (bonus!).  I got to meet a new member of my Contacts to Contracts group, Tom Mitchell. It was great to meet him and learn about his life.  Then I was able to finish a task for a client that I have been working on for a week: getting a POA recorded with Polk County. I love when I can mark something as done. I got about an hour with Nora and Hailey, before I got to go help another client.

Kyla is buying a new construction condo, and we had a fantastic meeting with the builder’s realtor where Kyla was able to get most everything she wanted. I made it home with enough time to get to put Nora to bed and then spend a little quality time with Amber.  My day is blessed. I am so grateful for all of the amazing people in it. Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch