A Day of Learning

Yesterday two things happened that made me think. I sat down with my mentor for a few hours and started to learn how he judges potential investment property. It was an incredible few hours and I was impressed by how he was able to teach me and I was able to pick up quite a bit after a few hours.  Plus we were talking before during and after and I really like how he helps me think differently.

The other thing that happened was my old property management company called me to let me know that they had yet more costs for me from the properties that I sold last month. It is frustrating that they keep having more for me and that I now can’t use that money to other ends.  What is nice though is that I instantly thought, “ok, I can handle that.” and did not even freak out for a moment. How quickly a mindset can change when you focus on it.

To top it all off last night Amber told me about how the consultants that she is working with right  now have independent of each other told her about how amazing and unique she is and how grateful they are to get to work with her. I have an amazing wife.

I am grateful for NOI, dollar per square foot, NNN, Cap Rate, and more.

I am grateful for being told what I don’t often hear.

I am grateful for new perspectives.

I am grateful for watching Nora and Hailey dance.

I am grateful for sitting down to a summer dinner when it is still winter.

I am grateful for holding Amber.

I am grateful for others seeing the greatness in Amber.

I am grateful for getting to share with the world.

I am grateful for hearing amazing people talk about their lessons.

I am grateful for wandering.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch