A Company is Born

Direct Fitness LLC has been created.  Caeli and I are now an official, legal, FTW partnership!  Now to head to the bank to get all of our accounts set up.  To be honest I might take my time on that one.  I have vacation coming up in two weeks and then am moving the day after I get back, so my motivation is pretty low right now. 

Plus, my main motivation is to get Aweber set up so that we can start collecting email addresses, and I don’t want to do that and then not send our sign-ups anything for a week or more.  My studies have taught me that I should be emailing my list at least a couple of times a week to help keep us top of mind and build the relationship.  So the business being born is a great first step. 

Plus I am starting to play around with some ideas of businesses I could create with content that I, personally, am really excited about.  I played some disc with Coops over the weekend and got him the materials necessary to put together these sites, so now that he can do it I am getting a rush of ideas to move on.  I am very lucky to have friends who are glad to help me. 

The debt will be repaid!