15 Doors

Speaking with Chris yesterday he asked me to take my triumph story for 2017 and analyze it.  What happens in my life and business when I achieve these goals?  What happens if I don’t?  And how does it affect me and those around me?  And then dive deeper and find the feelings and emotions show up?  So today I will start with getting 15 doors.

What happens in my life and business when I get 15 doors in 2017?  The first thing that comes to my mind is stabilization and security.  Owning 15 doors means that I have much more passive income coming in than I do now.  It means that I have built strong relationships with lenders and they know that I am a good bet. So it means that they are more willing to let me go bigger, and purchase more and bigger properties.  That makes me proud!  That makes me excited about the future. That makes me want to look at bigger properties and figure out what goes into owning them as passively as possible.  That means that with increased passive income, I can reduce my earned income which means that my realtor business can generate more that does not need to go toward helping me hit my bottom line.  Which in turn means that I would be generating more cash in my realtor business which I can then invest in leverage through people and marketing.

All of this would make me feel proud.  Proud that I am creating wealth for my family. Proud that I am giving good homes to people and being a great landlord.  It would also make me responsible for those people. Their would be accountability to make sure that I am providing a home that someone would want to stay in.  Also, it means that  I will need to take the time to find 15 doors. It means that I will need to carve out time to be deliberate and find good deals that I can make great properties.  It also means that I will have distractions, like when a good deal shows up and I want to chase after it. I will need to be consistent and keep myself on track so that my realtor business does not get hurt while I am growing my passive income.  My clients need to stay a center of attention so that I am providing them the service that only my company can provide.

That means that I am feeling responsible. Responsible to my family because I am building income for years, and decades down the line.  Responsible to my tenants because I am giving them a home. Responsible to my business because I am driven to build a business where my clients, my employees, and myself are happy and provided with the best service possible.  Doing all of these things makes me feel driven to always do better and never let good enough be good enough.

Going further, I am building income and assets that helps my family.  It means when Nora, Hailey, or Amber have a dream, money will never be a hindrance to that dream.  It means my parents can follow my lead and retire the way that they truly want to retire. It means that Emily and RJ can build the life that they want. It means that my friends can see me building my perfect life, and give them a path to build theirs. It means that when I help others to become successful, I can have a triumph story that is filled with multiple triumphs. It means that I AM A BAD ASS!!!


I am grateful for amazing conversations with Amber.

I am grateful for amazing conversations with Chris.

I am grateful for following up.

I am grateful for people who are excited to work with me.

I am grateful for Tim Ferriss.

I am grateful for drives.

I am grateful for John Assarraf.

I am grateful for 6 centering breaths.

I am grateful for Amber going on the ride with me.

I am grateful for tickling Hailey.

I am grateful for sneezing Nora.

I am grateful for two amazing girls that make me want to be better.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch