10,000 Failures

I am amazed at how differently I can view the exact same thing at different points in my life.  Is it that I am more prepared now than I was back then?  Is it that I have different priorities?  Or am I a whole different person than I was then?  I would bet it is a little bit of all three.

A little over five years ago I tried my hand at insurance sales for about a month.  I found that the thought of calling people and asking them to simply sit down and talk with me was terrifying.  So terrifying that I just up and quit one day about a month in to the job.  I believed in the product.  I liked the people that I worked with.  I knew that the time freedom was something that I wanted.  But I just could not get over my fear.

My new position with Dale Carnegie is similar in a lot of ways to that position five years ago.  I have to get in contact with people through networking, referrals and yes: cold calls.  To be fair, I am still apprehensive about calls before I make them.  And thus far I have only called friends and relatives.  But I am excited to be doing it now.  I think there are three reasons for that:

1. I have a definite goal.

2. I believe in the product/service.

3. I believe in me.

I have a goal that I know I want to attain: I want to be an entrepreneur. I know that I am not only going to need to acquire the skills I will learn in this new position (sales, communication, leadership, presentation, etc.), but I will need to master them if I ever want to become a business owner.

I really do believe in Dale Carnegie.  I have been working to be a trainer for DC for almost two and a half years.  Every participant in every training I have been in has grown and become better at their job because of Dale Carnegie.  I realize that it does not work 100% of the time, but so far it has for all of the people that I have witnessed.  I am amazed at what I have seen people accomplish just by practicing what we preach.

I really do think that me being open to, accepting and even expecting to be successful is the largest key.  Five years ago, I looked at success and said “But what if I fail?”  Now I look at opportunity and say “But what if I succeed?”  I think that mind shift has been my greatest achievement in the last six years.  It gave me the most amazing wife in the world.  It brought me this job that I am so enthusiastic for. It presented me with goals that I believe I can achieve and that, when I do, will only serve to make me happier and happier.

I decided a long time ago what my life was going to be.  I have tried to get there many times and failed.  Through those failures I learned many different ways that did not work.  I learned that the more I fail, the more likely I am to succeed.  Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times trying to find the right metal to make electric light bulbs work.  He learned 10,000 ways that do not work which opened him up to the 10,001st way that did work.

I think past me was too afraid of those fails.  Now I know that every fail pushes me closer to the win.

~Ryan Lynch

2 thoughts on “10,000 Failures

  1. I agree with your outlook here Ryan. If we live in our comfort zone and never try something new, we grow complacent. Complacency leads to laziness and the cycle continues while we tell ourselves that we are satisfied with what we have accomplished. Sometimes it takes a nicely written post to remind me not to live in my own shell, but to risk failure in order to truly succeed.

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